Bing-bong chime/bell.

Bing-bong chime/bell.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
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Bing-bong chime/bell.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
This telecom classic has a flip switch that changes the sound from a conventional telephone ring to a pleasingly soft but persistent chime tone.

With the switch in chime position, it gives a two-tone "bing-bong" chime note that continues repeatedly until the call is answered.

With the switch in ringer position, it gives a loud clear extension bell, similar in sound to a standard telephone ringer.

The ringer frequency is 20 Hz. to 40 Hz. and the ringer designation is Class A. It's has a plastic case with two 3 polished gongs tuned to different tones for the chime effect, and is not recommended for outdoor use. For analog phone circuits, only. Our bing-bong is UL certified.