UNIQUE VersaCord has 8-pin & 4-pin plugs.
Can be included in flat-rate shipping.

UNIQUE VersaCord has 8-pin & 4-pin plugs.<br>Can be included in flat-rate shipping.
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This custom-made 7-foot cord makes a neat and secure transition from a modern phone to an older 8-pin phone jack, or an "RJ45" jack that was previously used for a data network.

It's a big time saver compared to making your own, and you'll get a more reliable connection than if you put a narrow plug into a wide jack.

The wire has two twisted pairs. The 8-pin plug is wired for the "USOC" or "568A" wiring pattern, and the 4-pin plug is "USOC."

This handy cord can be used to plug a phone or accessory (fax, modem, credit card terminal, etc.) into a jack that was wired for data, or 8-wire phones like the ATT/Lucent/Avaya Merlin. If the jack was wired for 568B, and you need to use the second pair of wires, the white/orange and white/green wire pairs will have to be reversed.