cord retention channels

cord retention channels
Many phone manufacturers now put the handset cord jacks on the bottom of the phones instead of on the left side, where they were for many years.

This new location requires users to feed the cord through a narrow groove, often making tight turns, and it's much more complicated than the old method of just plugging in the cord.

It's an improvement for the the phone makers, but not for the phone users.

With the old method, the handset jack had to be supported by clips molded into the side of the phone, and connected to the main circuit board by four wires. With the new method, there are no wires. The pins that make contact with the phone cord's plug extend out the back of the jack and are soldered directly to the printed circuit board within the phone.

This saves material, time and money. That's more important than making life easy for you, in most manufacturers' way of thinking.

Fortunately, we have cords with extended 4-inch straight sections that are easy to fit into the grooves or channels in the bottoms of the phones. They're in stock in many colors to match most phones. They'll save you time and avoid frustration, but don't cost any extra.