Heavenly Phone can give anyone a direct line to God.
Exclusively ours.
7-year warranty.

Heavenly Phone can give anyone a direct line to God.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.<br>Exclusively ours.<br>7-year warranty.
Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

Some clergy men and women have claimed to have a "direct line to God," and other people merely act that way.

Now anyone can have a high quality communications device that implies a direct link to a Higher Power.

We sell bright red BatPhones and Presidential Hot Line phones; but their power can't compare to the subtle dignity of a pure white phone that says "GOD" on the faceplate. Imagine the reaction of visitors when the phone rings, and you answer, "This is your humble servant, how may I assist you?"

It's a great gift for any lay person or clergy person with a sense of humor, or buy one for yourself.

Our GodPhone is non-denominational, and suitable for rabbis, priests, pastors, chaplains, padres, preachers, ministers, cardinals, imams, monks, nuns, gurus, or any spiritual leader.

The phone is "office quality," not a toy, made in the USA, and has a seven-year warranty. "Ground shipping" is free to anywhere in the the 50 states.

As you can see, the phone does not have buttons for dialing out. It will generally be used for answering calls or just as a passive prop.

It can be connected to a phone system with automatic dialing and programmed to call a specific number when the handset is lifted. We can also make an upgraded version with internal memory for automatic dialing, but as with prayers, there is no guarantee that God will answer you.

George Burns played the part of God in three movies; but George died in 1996 at the age of 99, so he might not answer you. Supreme guitarist Eric Clapton has frequently been called "God" and is still alive, so maybe you can program in his phone number, if you can get it.

Heavy-duty metal base. Traditional electromechanical bell ringer with volume adjustment. 6' handset cord. 7' line cord. ADA/HAC compliant receiver with volume control.


GodPhone with automatic memory dialing.<br>FREE SHIPPING in the USA.
GodPhone with automatic memory dialing.