quantity discounts

quantity discounts
While some of our customers need just one or two telephone cords, we have a huge inventory; and we're ready to help you if you need dozens, hundreds or even thousands of cords.

We can offer quantity discounts starting at just 25 cords, and may be able to offer free shipping, depending on the quantity and type of cord. Just call us at 1.888.225.3999 or send email.

As noted in their descriptions, some items (not cords), have free shipping even if you buy just one.

Quantity discounts vary with the item and quantity. We've been able to offer discounts of 10% on 25 cords, 22% on 100 cords, and 40% on 250 cords. (These discounts are examples, and may not apply to your specific purchase.)

We'll provide an attractive price, prompt shipping, and high quality products. We've been in business for over 30 years. We're not perfect, but we promise to do our best for you.

If you are a telephone product dealer, we can offer you wholesale prices on many of our products. We will need a copy of your state resale certificate.
GOOD IDEA: replace all of the cords in your business at one time.

Some years ago, a light bulb manufacturer introduced the concept of "group relamping" -- replacing all of the light bulbs in an area, rather than replacing them one-at-a-time as they burned out.

Many property managers regarded this as wasteful. It seemed silly to throw out bulbs when they were still working properly. But when the bulb maker pointed out the cost of sending out maintenance people with ladders or hydraulic scissors lifts, and the cost of the interruption to business, it didn't take long for group relamping to become a standard business operation.

There is a parallel with the cost or replacing phone cords.

Unlike light bulbs, phone cords seldom die suddenly, unless they get cut, burned or bitten. Usually they fail gradually over a period of years as they get twisted and stretched and the tabs break off the plugs. Conversations get noisy and are interrupted. People usually tolerate the annoyance for a long time before complaining, often taping up the wounds.

Even the best cords cost only a few dollars each. If you are a business owner or manager, replace them all every few years. How many is a few? That's a good question. Take a look around. It depends on your work environment and your people. Probably somewhere between two and five years.

GOOD IDEA: give new employees new phone cords

New employees deserve a clean working environment. Get rid of the old ketchup and mustard packs from the desk drawer. Replace the blotter and note pads and chewed-up pencils. And spend a few bucks for a fresh phone cord. Keep some in the supply closet.

Also consider a new phone handset, especially if the previous employee was a smoker, sloppy eater, or had bad breath.