Who makes our cords?

Who makes our cords?
Most phone manufacturers don't make their own phone cords. Often the phone brands that compete with each other, actually buy cords, parts and even complete phones from the same suppliers.

Since most phone makers don't make cords, the cords we sell are not made by the companies that make the phones -- but they might be made by the same companies that supply the phone makers.

We feature cords made by Cablesys.

Cablesys is part of ICC, a major supplier of telecom and data installation supplies and tools. ICC was founded in Cerritos, California in 1984 and has a reputation for quality, innovation and value. We've been selling their products for many years, and their products are inside and on the walls of our office. We use them and sell them every day.

Our other brands include Lynn, AT&T, ICC, Siemon, General Electric, Adirondack, Shaxon, Siecor, Axis and America's Best Cable. There are also some products that we've designed ourselves and make ourselves to fill particular needs, or have made for us.

They're all first-quality products and we recommend them highly.

The picture shown here is probably not a phone cord factory. Actually, we're not sure what it is, but it's a cool picture. Its "clip art" from Microsoft.