Replace your worn-out and wrong-color phone cords and get some spares.


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We'll help you replace handset cords or line cords that are worn out or tangled, and cords that are too short, too long or the wrong colors.

If you have the wrong cords, we'll send you the right cords.

Thousands of phone cords are in stock, ready to be shipped immediately.

  • We offer free shipping on most items, and offer quantity discounts if you buy 25 cords or more.

  • You can replace your bad phone cords quickly, and get some spares so you'll have them ready to plug in when you need them.

  • We have hard-to-find cords, like line cords for Hewlett-Packard fax machines and Merlin phones.

  • We have over 25 phone cord colors, even seven varieties of gray.

  • If you're not sure what colors you need, we'll send free cord color samples to help you decide.

  • We've been in business for over 40 years.

  • We know what we're doing and we promise to treat you right.

  • Our customers include many federal, state and local government agencies, US military bases, universities, colleges, school systems, the media, professional offices, major corporations, small businesses, charities, hospitals, and plenty of people. The FBI trusts us. So can you.

A Telephone Handset Shoulder Rest will cost you much less than chiropractic care. Be nice to your neck. Six colors. Stick on. CLICK 

CordGuard protectors go on the floor to protect wires, cords and cables, and help to prevent trips and falls. Six feet long. Four colors. CLICK

Get the right handset cords.
Do your phones have side jacks
or bottom jacks? CLICK

Get advice from our Cordioligist. CLICK

Despite the increasing use of cordless and wireless phones, most phones still have two cords.

  • Make sure you have good cords.

  • Don't tolerate static crackles. 

  • Don't tolerate vanishing voices.

  • Don't tolerate background noises.

  • Don't repeat or ask to repeat.

  • Don't use expensive gasoline to search for phone cords.

  • Don't pay for sales tax or shipping.

Hard-to-find 2-wire cords. Hewlett-Packard insists on cords with just two wires for HP faxes, instead of more common four wires. Also for Vonage VOIP.  CLICK 

Handset Cord Detangler rotates 360° to minimize the mess and wear of cord tangling. Models for recessed connections, too. Gold plated contacts  Lifetime warranty. CLICK

Retractable Handset Cord eliminates tangles, twists and mess on the desktop. Eight feet long. Great where kids or pets like to play with phone cords. CLICK

How long should your telephone cords be? CLICK for some good advice.

Yes, we have hard-wired phone cords for old non-modular phones. CLICK

Do we have extension cords for telephone headsets? Of course we do. CLICK

You should learn about phone sex. Why is Jack female? CLICK

CLICK to read why our cords are better.

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