Some people want straight telephone handset cords (not coiled), but these cords are nearly impossible to find. We can make one or several for you, in whatever length you need. These are custom-made and are usually shipped in 2-3 business days. Common lengths are shown on this website. Please send email or call 1.203.878.8383 for prices on other lengths and to place an order.

WARNING: Cords don't tangle themselves. People tangle cords. Don't think that a straight cord is less likely to get tangled than a coiled cord is. It's not. Furthermore, a tangled straight cord is more likely to break than a tangled coiled cord is.

Phone companies stopped supplying straight handset cords in the 1950s because coiled cords are better. However, if you really want one, we'll help you. Also, these cords have several purposes in addition to being used for telephone handsets.


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25-ft Straight (non-coiled) handset cord. FREE SHIP.


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