This convenient adapter contains one male and two female 25-pair Amphenol-type connectors and allows two phones to be plugged into one cable. It's used with vintage 1A2 and ComKey phones. (May not be identical to photo.)

Despite their male-sounding name, jacks are considered to be "female" connectors in the electronics business. No one seems to know how this strange tradition started. Plugs are considered to be "male." Some folks talk about "jacking in," instead of "plugging in." That's silly. Lots of electricians call (female) electrical outlets, "plugs." That's silly, too. If you don't understand phone hardware gender, find someone of the opposite sex, get naked, and look in the mirror. Or you could study Michelangelo's "Temptation and Fall" on the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Rome.


  • This convenient adapter is available in two versions:
  • "CPC" is the most common version and contains one male and two female 25-pair Amphenol-type connectors.
  • "PCP" contains two male and one female 25-pair Amphenol-type connectors.
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25-Pair bridging adapter. FREE SHIP.


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