This is just what you need to determine if a phone problem is caused by the phone company or your own equipment, or by your wiring or a phone. The price is low enough to be in every office, and it can easily earn back its cost, in money and time saved by not calling the wrong people when there is telephone trouble.

Don't expect this buttset (butt set) to survive jumps from helicopters, invasions of distant planets, white water rafting, or falls from phone poles. It does not belong in the back of a truck with bad springs; and if you misplace your hammer, don't use this as a substitute.

On the other hand, this is a perfectly good, comfortable-to-hold, full-size buttset with the quality you'd expect from Fluke (formerly Harris). It has all the critical features plus a few extras, that makes it just fine for use in your office or home.

It has both tone and pulse dialing, last number redial, talk and monitor modes, continuous polarity indication, 18-digit last number redial, angled bed-of-nails clips, and electronic ringer. It's hearing aid compatible and has a high impedance monitor circuit that's safe for data circuits.


  • 18-Month warranty
  • We like it a lot
  • FREE "ground" shipping in the USA

Fluke/Harris TS19 Basic Butt set. Angled bed-of-nails 'gator clips. FREE SHIP.

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