The Fluke Pro3000 is used for identifying one pair of wires within a bunch of wires, and to follow wire within a wall.


Although it's used by many telecom and datacom pros, it's easy enough to be used by first-timers, and that's why we've included it in this website.

This analog toner and probe set is a great choice for toning and tracing wire on non-active networks. Angled bed-of-nails clips allow easy access to individual wires, and the boot-protected RJ11 modular plug is ideal for use on telephone or data jacks.


A handy switch lets you select solid or alternating tone options indicated by solid or flashing LEDs. Five tones are available.


Continuity testing and line polarity confirmation is also provided.


The large speaker in the probe makes it easier to hear tones in noisy environments, and through walls and enclosures to find wires quickly. You can send a tone up to 10 miles on most cables. When touching the wires together and momentarily shorting the far end of a cable pair, the SmartTone technology will change the cadence of the tone generated. This tone change you hear through the probe positively verifies the correct wire pair.


  • For telecom, data, video, audio, alarm, control or almost any non-powered wiring.
  • Tone and trace wire on non-active networks
  • SmartTone™ technology provides five distinct tones for exact pair identification
  • Sends loud tone up to 10 miles on most cables
  • Loud speaker makes the tone easier to hear through drywall, wood, and enclosures
  • Comes with spare probe tip.
  • Angled bed-of-nails clips allow easy access to individual pairs and screw terminals
  • RJ11 plugr is ideal for use on telephone jacks
  • Comes with protective nylon pouch
  • FREE "ground" shipping in the USA

Tone Generator & Probe set has strong transmitter and big speaker. FREE SHIP.

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